Saturday, March 2, 2024

ALPHV/BlackCat Hackers: MGM Resorts Breach Unveiled – Compromised in Mere 10 Minutes

In a recent cyber incident, the ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware group has taken responsibility for causing disruptions at MGM Resorts. Their method involved gaining an employee's trust via a phone call, a process that reportedly took only 10 minutes to execute.

The ALPHV ransomware group outlined their approach, stating, "All ALPHV ransomware group did to compromise MGM Resorts was to connect on LinkedIn, identify an employee, and then call the Help Desk." The consequences of this breach have been felt by MGM Resorts, with customers experiencing disruptions, particularly with slot machines at their casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

 As of Wednesday morning, the company is still grappling with downtime issues, including website disruptions. While MGM Resorts has not officially commented on the situation, they did mention on Tuesday that their resorts, including dining, entertainment, and gaming, remain operational.

The ALPHV ransomware group is known in the cybersecurity community for its expertise in social engineering tactics to gain initial access. Subsequently, they often employ ransomware schemes to pressure their targets into paying a ransom. As evidenced by their data leak sites, they have previously targeted major corporations, including beauty giant Estée Lauder.

MGM Resorts confirmed the cyber incident on Monday, acknowledging that it impacted various systems across its suite of casinos. While the company took swift action to protect its systems and data, including shutting down certain systems, specific details regarding the extent of the shutdown and affected systems have not been officially disclosed. Customer reports suggest issues with reservations, ATM usage, certain games, and mobile key entry into hotel rooms.

MGM Resorts has recently provided an update regarding its current operational status. They have announced that their dining, entertainment, and gaming facilities are fully operational and available for guests to enjoy. This is great news for anyone planning a visit to MGM Resorts, as they can be assured that they will have access to a wide range of amenities and activities during their stay.

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